5 Simple Ways To Turn A Small Balcony Into An Inviting Space

If you live in a big city, you know how crucial outdoor space is. If you’re fortunate enough to have a highly sought-after balcony, you owe it to yourself (and any visitors you host) to turn it into a comfortable outdoor paradise worthy of your time and effort. Even if it’s tiny, there are several ways to design it to provide a pleasant and inviting space to enjoy your morning coffee, snuggle up with a nice book, or invite friends for cocktails after work.

To get your creative juices going, we’ve come up with five pleasant little balcony ideas. They work on balconies of all sizes and are reasonably priced. They will, however, be the envy of everyone who visits your house in the future. You’ve been given outdoor space, so make the most of it by transforming it into a private retreat where you can retreat when you need some alone time.

How to Design a Balcony?

Do you need some comfortable balcony ideas? These five selections are ideal for a welcoming, intimate setting.

Include an eating area.

When the weather permits, dining outside elevates your lunch. Place a tiny circular table and two seats on the balcony so you may enjoy breakfast while gazing out the window. Use this arrangement if you work from home and want to get some work done while enjoying the sun. We like the notion of a lightweight fold-up table (like this one from Ballard Design, which comes in three colors), so that if the weather turns bad, you can fold it up and bring it inside.

Consider using floor seating.

If your balcony area isn’t large enough for a table and chairs, adding floor cushion seating is a great way to maximize the space you do have while keeping you and any visitors comfortable. If you’re renting and aren’t sure if your next house will have a balcony, this is a terrific choice.

Instead of spending money on outside furniture, get a couple of comfy cushions that you can bring inside if necessary. We adore the cheery graphics on these Society 6 pieces, and the high-quality design assures they won’t lose their form when you sit on them.

Purchase a hammock.

Who doesn’t like floating in the air with their legs spread and the sun on their faces? Hammocks are an excellent choice for a balcony since they are available in a broad range of sizes and lengths, allowing you to extend it to match the length of a tiny balcony or knot it in one corner if you have more space.

Make a comfortable nook.

If you have enough area for built-in seating, consider installing a bench to give you even more space to work and play. Then, when the temperature lowers, add textured cushions and luxurious throw blankets to keep everyone warm.

On the other side, add taller plants in the corners to shade yourself from the heat on those hot summer days. These can also give individuals with balconies that face other people a bit more privacy. Add a bamboo shade for extra security, which you can roll out when you want more solitude and wrap up when you want to relax in the sun.

Draw the eye upward and downward.

Nothing is worse than unused space, so get creative and try to incorporate some colorful decor around the walls, in the corners, and even over the railing. Hanging plants in corners or on a wall trellis will attract the eye up and out of the room, making it feel larger.

Lighting is the same: stringing lights overhead and on the balcony railing optimizes light and guarantees the celebration continues even after the sun has set. Finally, pick a patterned indoor/outdoor rug for the balcony floor to provide visual interest and make it pleasant to walk barefoot.

Personal touches like the ones stated above can instantly transform your balcony from a rarely used location into a sanctuary where you can spend hours relaxing. Change up your room with seasonal candles, perennials, and holiday-themed decor as the months pass to keep it interesting.

Because balconies are modest and distinct from the main part of the house, they allow for plenty of experimentation with patterns, colors, and textures without detracting from the overall aesthetic of the house.

You can’t go wrong as long as it is pleasant and serene. So, after a hard day, sit back, relax, and unwind. When you’re finished, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to remodel the room.

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