Best Tips And Tricks To Optimize Closet Space

A clean, well-organized environment is like a breath of fresh air for the soul. When that area is limited, though, it can be challenging to maintain it neat and clutter-free. The closet is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep tidy.

Things may rapidly get out of hand, especially if your closet space is restricted, resulting in an overstuffed and congested closet area that makes putting laundry away a genuine pain. The good news is that we have some methods and strategies for maximizing closet space so that you may bring greater order into your house.

We’ll help you manage that chaotic closet by utilizing the space you have, whether you have a huge walk-in or a basic, modest closet to keep your things.

How can you make the most of a little closet space in order to deal with an overflowing wardrobe?

Before you begin building shelves or adding storage solutions to your small closet, you must first simplify and organize its contents.

Here are a few ideas for reducing clutter and giving your closet a more organized appearance.

1. Purge without regard for mercy

This initial step may appear to be obvious, yet it is crucial. Examine each piece of clothes and accessories and ask yourself if you truly need it. Fill several garbage bags or totes with rejected goods, then give or dump them. If you truly want to clear up space, you must be ruthless in your judgments.

2. Organize and unify your hangers

It may appear to be weird advice for optimizing space, but having all of your hangers be the same brand and type makes your wardrobe look and feel more organized. Your hangers will be straighter, and your clothes will all hang in the same direction. Hang clothes items that are the same length and size together so that they form an equal block of space underneath them. This will be useful when you begin utilizing floor space.

How to make use of closet floor space to optimize storage capacity?

When it comes to the closet floor, it’s one of the most neglected, or incorrectly utilized, spaces. It is frequently crammed with undesired goods and gathers storage items that do not belong anywhere else. Make room for these floor storage ideas by clearing up the floor of your closet.

3. Install shoe racks on the floor

Shoe cubbies are excellent for closet organization. They’re affordable and compact, and they provide a lot of storage on the often-underutilized floor. Fill as many cubbies as will fit on the floor with shoes, socks, hats, and other accessories.

4. Include a short dresser

Most closets can accommodate a chest of drawers. You may also hang clothes items above it if it is short and wide. Store intimates, accessories, or even shoes in the drawers.

How to use the space at the top of a closet to make more area for organizing

Most typical closets include a long single shelf above the hanging bar. As it stands, the shelf isn’t really functional. Even if you use it to store sweaters, shoes, or hats, there’s always a lot of empty space above your stuff. Here are some ideas for making the most of your shelf space.

5. Allow that single shelf to be stacked.

There are a few ways to stack objects without their toppling over. If you’re storing accessories like hats and gloves, place everything in clear stackable boxes that can go all the way to the ceiling if necessary.

Install cabinet shelf organizers to provide a second or third tier of storage if you’re utilizing the shelf for shoes or folded clothes. These helpful inserts are often used in kitchen cabinets, but they work well in your closet to accommodate the second row of shoes above the supplied shelf.

6. Install shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are excellent for keeping clothing piles confined on your closet shelf. They should be clipped to the current shelf so that they are perpendicular to it. They’re a terrific method to protect your folded heaps of garments from overflowing, plus they allow you to have more items in each pile.

Small closet storage solutions to help you organize a cluttered wardrobe

Some closets are so small that your storage options are severely constrained. Shoe cubbies, dressers, and shelf extenders may just not fit in some instances. Don’t worry if this describes your closet. We have some professional advice for making the most of even the smallest closets.

7. Make use of your baggage as storage.

Use the free space within your closet if your baggage is stored inside, whether on a shelf or on the floor. Store infrequently used handbags, totes, and backpacks so you can use the remainder of your closet space for goods you use more frequently.

8. Make use of closet corners

The corners of your closet are frequently underutilized since there is nothing that can be stored there. However, if you add little corner shelves, you may use that area for shoes, accessories, or small bins.

9. Attach hooks

When you have a teeny-tiny closet, hooks are your best friend. They can be installed on the inner walls, inside the door, or even on the outside of the door. Hang purses, scarves, coats, belts, and other bulky things that take up important closet space with them.

Because your closet houses everything you own, it is prime real estate in your home. Utilize all of the available space in your tiny closet to make the most of the space. With these easy suggestions, you can use previously unused space to create a closet that is neat, accessible, and full to the brim.

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