Tips To Choose A Coffee Table For Small Living Room

The coffee table in the living room is an essential component. It not only unifies the space, but it also serves a practical purpose in a living room. On family movie night, your coffee table stores refreshments, game boards and puzzles, and even your laptop on work-from-home days.

If you have a small living room, you may be tempted to remove the coffee table to make extra floor space – but don’t. The correct side table will not make your space feel too crowded.

In fact, if the location and size are correct, it may really make the space feel larger. You only need to understand how to select a coffee table that complements your little area. We’re here to demonstrate how.

How to Select a Coffee Table?

While round and rectangle coffee tables are the most prevalent, they are available in a broad range of forms, heights, and widths, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your intimate environment.

Coffee tables with an oval or rectangular form function best in smaller living rooms because their compact width allows them to fit comfortably in a tight space. If you have children, choose a form with rounded edges or none at all, as sharp corners might be dangerous.

Choose a suitable size.

Obviously, because your living room space is limited, a smaller coffee table is preferable than a huge and cumbersome one. Measure the room before purchasing anything to ensure that the height, length, and breadth not only fit in the area but also seem aesthetically pleasing and not over or disappointing.

Height of a coffee table

The height of your coffee table should be equivalent to the height of the seat on your sofa, plus or minus a few inches. Any taller than that may appear uncomfortable and overwhelming in your little environment. If it’s any shorter, your coffee table might not be as useful as you’d want. From a seated posture on the sofa, placing beverages or other objects on a short coffee table may not be an easy reach or a comfortable angle.

length and breadth of a coffee table

The length and breadth of your coffee table should leave around 18 inches between the table’s edge and your sofa and chairs. This allows you to roam about the living room without stubbed toes or banged knees. Because of these constraints, you may require a smaller coffee table than you anticipated.

Look for a coffee table that is versatile

You need all the space you can get in a little living room, right? Make the most of your available space by investing in a multipurpose coffee table that eliminates the need for additional storage and furniture.

Additional seats

Because small living rooms typically have limited seating, we offer a coffee table that also serves as an extra seat. On a daily basis, benches, ottomans, and even trunks may function as coffee tables. When you need more seats, you can instantly change it into a pleasant spot for your extra visitors.

Integrated storage

Choose a coffee table with built-in storage if you don’t have room in your living room for a bookcase, board game cabinet, or a basket for your throw blankets. A practical trunk, storage ottoman, fabric storage seat, or table with cube storage below are all excellent ways to save room.

Convenient extension options

Tables with extenders allow you to alter their size depending on the occasion. Consider a nested coffee table, which contains a concealed second table that can be pulled out to provide more surface area. Furthermore, detachable trays that rest on the table make hosting a snap since you may munch around the table or pass it around the room to share appetizers.

Don’t limit yourself to classic designs while arranging a tiny living room. The most prevalent style of a coffee table may not suit your needs. Instead, be inventive and select items that complement both the size and style of your area.

Whether it’s an ottoman-turned table or a DIY side table constructed from a few 2 x 4s, your coffee table may be a one-of-a-kind and functional piece that fits perfectly and gracefully in your tiny but intimate home.



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