8 Steps To Transforming Your Bedroom Into A High-End Hotel Room

Everyone hopes they could live in a five-star hotel forever and never leave, but there are lots of methods to recreate the feel of a luxurious guest room at home as well. We chatted with professionals who shared their tips on how to build a sleeping area that is both comfortable and classy. Continue reading for eight home-improvement strategies you can start using right away.


  • Charles Almonte is a self-employed architect and interior design consultant.
  • Candace Plotz is the lead designer and creator of Candace Plotz Design.
  • Doris Roberts is the chief interior decorator and proprietor of Doris Roberts Interiors. She holds a number of professional credentials.

1. Do Not Save Money on Bedding

When traveling, many individuals look forward to sleeping on a comfortable hotel bed, saying it helps them sleep better. Whether you need a good nine hours of sleep every night or can get by with six, you’ll want to maximize your sleep time at home by making your bed really comfy and calming.

“Get the greatest bed linens you can afford,” designer Charles Almonte recommends. “Bedding should be silky and sensual when it comes into contact with your skin. It should feel like you’re being wrapped in a silky cocoon.”

There’s a reason why linen bedding is such a popular choice right now. “Linen bedding gives a polished yet lived-in aesthetic that never goes out of style and is temperature regulating, making it ideal for year-round usage,” designer Candace Plotz says.

Silk pillowcases are also becoming increasingly popular (and are supposed to provide a variety of hair and skin advantages!). What could be more exquisite than putting the beauty in beauty sleep?

2. Deal with Lighting

Consider the environment you want to create in your sleeping area. “Lighting should be melancholy and delicate, and it may occasionally be sensual,” says Almonte. Not sure where to start? “Indirect lighting, such as lamps with soft fabric coverings or cove lighting, are excellent choices,” he says.

3. Simplify Accessories

High-end hotel rooms are never overstuffed with decorations and trinkets; rather, they’re carefully curated with just the appropriate amount of decor, and you should do the same with your own bedroom. “Reduce visual clutter,” advises Almonte.

“A simple arrangement of flowers, an attractive clock, or a sterling silver jewelry dish on the bedside table will occasionally be enough.” Choose objects that you’ll like looking at when you wake up each day and discard or give anything that doesn’t make your area seem more serene.

4. Serve as Your Own Housekeeper

One of the finest aspects of staying in a high-end hotel? Not having to bother about making your bed every morning and returning to a spotless room at the end of a full day of eating, drinking, and touring a new city.

But, according to Almonte, you should make every attempt to undertake this duty as soon as you get up each day. It will not only get you moving, but it will also make your nightly ritual feel more special. “By bedtime, you’ll feel as if you’ve just strolled into a five-star hotel room with a turndown service,” he says.

5. Suspend Mirrors

Hotel rooms, like your bedroom, do not have to be enormous to feel attractive and welcoming. However, if you want to make your home feel larger, consider this technique from designer Doris Roberts. “Place mirrors strategically in the area to assist reflect light and make the room feel larger,” she suggests. We recommend propping one against a desk to construct a temporary vanity (this will also help your bedroom feel like it belongs in a boutique hotel) or hanging mirrors over each bedside table.

6. Showcase Art

Artwork adds charm to a bedroom and is also a crucial component of luxury hotel suites. Use this space to showcase a huge canvas or framed item. While gallery walls are popular in other areas of the house, they don’t seem as luxurious in the bedroom.

A huge abstract painting is a good alternative if you want a contemporary style. Consider hanging a framed landscape if your aesthetic is more classic. Figure drawings in black and white are also extremely stylish; place a few on a dresser for a casual, Parisian atmosphere.

7. Include a Rug

In the bedroom, Roberts recommends putting “a soft, fluffy carpeting.” Why not keep a nice sheepskin (fake or real) near your bed? As you emerge from your cocoon each morning, your feet will receive the royal treatment. Moroccan carpets are also quite warm; if you don’t want to overload your home with color, consider one in black and white.

8. Don’t Forget About the Toilet

A big, tidy hotel bathroom is something that everyone loves. Make your bathroom as elegant and streamlined as possible to complete the hotel atmosphere. To keep the sink area clear of clutter, store beauty goods in cabinets or boxes. Set a few everyday items in a small basket and place them on a marble tray.

Make sure your area has everything you or a guest would need, such as washcloths, extra toilet paper, and lots of hand soap. Simply add a candle or a stylish bottle of perfume to complete the look.

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