6 Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Bedding Color

You must first pick what kind of bedding you want before you can choose the ideal colors for your bedding. If you begin your bedding shopping by color, you may wind up with bedding that does not fit your style at all.

Because each bedding style has its own color scheme, if you decide you want charcoal gray bedding but also enjoy English garden-style design, you can wind up with a contemporary-style bedding set instead. Knowing your style does not exclude you from incorporating your favorite hue into the bedding; add a splash of color as an accent pillow, sheets, or even a blanket at the end of the bed.

How To Buy The Best Bedding in Stores and Online?

Get Insight, But Make a Plan

If you enjoy the notion of making a mood board for your bedroom, selecting the perfect bedding will be simple. A mood board may be made by directly attaching your favorite color swatches to a board, or you can make one on your computer or even utilize Pinterest. You’ll have a clear idea of the bedding color to shopping for after your mood board is ready.

If you like fast satisfaction in your decorating, you should still have a color scheme in mind for your bedroom before shopping for bedding. If at all feasible, keep paint samples on hand, as well as any other objects you’ll be matching. This will spare you from having to return or exchange bedding that looked great in the shop but does not match your bedroom’s color palette.

Bedding in a Solid Color or a Pattern?

Solid color bedding may be attractive and straightforward, giving your bedroom a fashionable hotel feel. Solid colors may also help to create a calming and zen-like environment, which is ideal for unwinding after a hard day.

Consider the bedding as a monochromatic color palette when designing a retreat-style bedroom with solid color bedding. Choose your main color, then layer lighter and darker hues of the same color on top. This stops your bedding from seeming boring, especially if you just put a duvet and matching pillow shams on the bed for convenience.

Patterned bedding has numerous benefits. If you want to include accent colors from the space, patterned bedding allows you to do so in modest quantities without becoming overpowering. Floral designs in traditional and romantic bedding types might include colors from other areas of the space.

The key to selecting patterned bedding is to freely include solid colors within the bedding set to keep it appearing fresh. Patterned bedding can get dated faster than plain colors, so try utilizing simply one patterned item with one or two modest accents to liven things up without having to replace the entire set. You may also select any color from your bedding design to match the hue of your bedroom walls.

Select Your Fabric Wisely

The appropriate bedding fabric may enhance the look of your bedroom. Once you’ve decided on patterned or plain colors, the fabric you use is crucial.

Sheen materials are more formal than plain cotton or other matte fabrics. Sheen fabrics may lighten up a gloomy bedroom and provide a glossy touch. Although velvet is a luxurious option, it might absorb available light in a dark bedroom. Textured textiles in a monochromatic palette make an excellent foundation for contemporary accessories and accents.

Eclectic or matchy-matchy?

Choosing full bedding set with properly matched parts is a lovely and simple way to furnish your bedroom. Bedding sets are made to have a flawlessly matched look, with some pattern and texture blending for intrigue. Despite the fact that the sets are purposefully matched, the bedding components are varied to prevent the dreaded “matchy-matchy” effect.

If a pre-matched bedding set is still too “matchy” for you, you may design your own bedding arrangement. The key to creating an eclectic bedding set that doesn’t appear too odd is to utilize one or two unifying colors throughout your set. Your bed skirt might be striped, and your duvet could be flowery, but they must both have the same unifying colors in order to have a creative yet pulled-together look.

Use Your Accents

Although you may not want to remove a mound of throw pillows from your bed every night, you can still add accents and accessories to tie all of your bedding d├ęcor pieces together.

A separate accent cushion from your bedding set, a sumptuous blanket in an accent color, or a bright water carafe next to your bed may pull even the smallest accent color from your bedding. The trick is to pick one color from your bedding and accent it in a new way, such as with a different pattern or tone.

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