What Is A Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a mattress and platform on wheels that slide underneath a regular bed or daybed. The term “trundle” was used in the 16th century to describe tiny wheels that carried a large load. The phrase trundle bed refers to a low bed that is supported by little wheels.

Trundle bed platforms are typically paired with bigger beds so that the trundle may easily move beneath the taller bed. The majority of trundles are twin or full-sized and are as low to the ground as feasible. To optimize under-bed space, mattresses are 6 to 8 inches thick. A mattress may be as thin as 4 inches in rare situations.

Daybed vs. Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is the lowest portion of a bed, although these beds are frequently made in a two-for-one arrangement that contains both a trundle and a standard bed. A daybed, on the other hand, is a bed with a frame similar to that of a couch. Daybeds are often twin or full size and sit against the wall, taking up less room. A trundle bed can occasionally be found beneath a daybed, but not usually.

Is it possible to have a trundle in any bed?

Trundle beds are available in a range of styles and sizes. Trundle beds are available in a variety of forms, but adding a trundle to an existing bed may be challenging. Typically, a trundle bed is offered in conjunction with the bed it would tuck below. Trundle beds can be found connected to queen-sized beds, bunk beds, and daybeds. You may also buy trundles separately, but make sure your existing bed frame has enough clearance to accommodate the trundle’s platform and mattress.

Are they relaxing?

Trundles are mainly suitable for children and teenagers. An adult may be able to tolerate a trundle for one or two nights. If you expect adult guests to remain for a week or longer, you might consider investing in a smaller daybed in your office or guest room.

Adults may have trouble getting up and down from trundle beds since they are lower to the ground. Furthermore, the thinner mattress is not appropriate for people with terrible backs. This choice, however, may be more comfortable than a sofa or air mattress. Much of this comfort is determined by the adult’s degree of comfort and physical fitness.

Some individuals swear by trundle beds, while others find them uncomfortable. Trundle beds are far less burdensome than sleeper sofas in terms of practicality. A trundle bed requires far less time and effort to put up because all you have to do is roll it out from beneath the bed.

Consider a pop-up trundle bed to conserve room while accommodating extra adult visitors. A pop-up trundle is similar to a trundle bed, except it may rise to the height of the main bed and be secured in place.

Advice on Trundle Beds

If you expect guests but don’t have enough regular-sized beds to accommodate everyone, a trundle bed is great. They’re also great for sleepovers in your child’s room. Consider that trundles are safer for little children than bunk beds.

To accommodate a trundle, all you need is a tall enough bed and enough floor space in the room for the bed to roll out when sleeping. Here are some more ideas and recommendations to help you incorporate a trundle into your house.

Additional storage space. When not in use, the trundle may be used as a huge under-the-bed drawer. Place offseason clothing, extra sheets, and other bedroom necessities in shallow containers on top of the mattress.

The departure from the cradle. Trundle beds are an excellent transitional step for a toddler who has recently graduated from a crib, especially if you have more than one child and limited room. The elder kid can keep an eye on the toddler in the trundle.

Make the trundle bed comfier. If you want to have adults or children use the bed on a regular basis, consider upgrading to the most quality mattress in that thickness.
Prevent nighttime movement. Make sure to choose a trundle with lockable casters. Some less expensive trundles will move around, especially if the occupant sleeps actively.

Make a multi-purpose office. Consider adding a daybed trundle to an office to make it a viable guest room. On days when the space is only an office, a twin-sized day bed trundle may comfortably sleep two people while still working as a sofa.

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